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Rick's Sheds in Linfield PA has the widest variety of sheds for virtually any storage need or other use. We also offer custom shed solutions that we build custom to your specifications.

Whether you just need to store your lawnmower and gardening tools or you're setting up a home studio or workshop out in the yard, we have the right shed for every purpose.

When searching for the best quality and most affordable shed in Linfield Pennsylvania, Rick's Sheds is the name you trust.

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S 36A 18 - Stock 12 x 20 Cape Cod - $5186.00

This is a Discounted Product - Only $5,186.00

Stock shed #36A 18 - 12 x 20 Cape Cod, 5" LP Lap Siding painted white, black trim, charcoal architectural shingles,  12" x 18" end vents, painted rake and fascia, 4' x 12' loft, 3.5" Miratec corner trim, (2) 24" x 36" windows with 3.5" straight picture frame trim, 3' single door with diamond plate sill, 6' double doors with diamond plate sill.

Regular Price - $5286.00

SALE PRICE - $5186.00

The High Wall Barn
If the Mini Barn does not offer adequate space for your storage needs, the High Wall Barn does! Retaining the intrinsic qualities of its junior, the rustic appearance and antique flair, the High Wall Barn’s taller walls bring increased storage solutions and value to your property!

If you have a large storage need or require a place to keep your immense assortment of lawn and garden equipment while keeping your lawn looking its best, the High Wall Barn was designed for you!

Shown with: white paint, dark gray trim, silver lining shingles

SV 74A 19 Stock 10' x 20' High Wall Carraige $7961.00

This is a Discounted Product - Only $7,961.00


SV 74A 19

10' x 20'

High Wall Carriage

STANDARD FEATURES:  Vinyl Siding – Heritage Gray

Trim – White, 5’ T-hinged White Metal Double Doors, (2) 24” x 27” windows

Architectural Shingles: Charcoal Shutters- Dark Gray



Higher Sidewalls $190.00            5’ Diamond Plate Sill: $20.00

Rapid Ridgevent 20’ $140.00     Tech Shield: $100.00

2 – Gable Overhangs: $270.00   Decorative Hinges: $50.00

4- 2’ Workbenches x 10’ $320.00

In each gable end   1- 36” high and 1- Above Window

Upgrade to 18 x 36 Windows: $30.00 4-Lite Glass in Doors: $210.00

4- Metal Picture Frame Trim $300.00  Plywood Walls $114.00

Upgrade to 5’ Fiberglass Doors Painted White: $100.00

Add: 2- 18” x 36” Windows without shutters $180.00 in each gable end

Upgrade Shutters to 36” Raise Panel on front windows $30.00

Stone Up To Windows – Slate Terra Cut $2205.00

Price (to include upgrade options): $8061.00

               DISPLAY SALE PRICE:       $7961.00

No Further Discounts or Coupons May Be Applied to Above Sale Price

Must have Truck access to site cannot roll or mule in.




S 47A 20 Stock 12' x 16' High Wall Workshop Sale $3237.00

This is a Discounted Product - Only $3,237.00

S 47A 20

12' x 16'

High Wall Workshop

STANDARD FEATURES: Tan Backer LP Smart Panel – Light Green

Trim – Navajo White, 6’ Double Wood Doors,

Shutters – Trade towards 3.5” Curved Picture Frame Trim- Navajo White

Architectural Shingles: Weatherwood,

(2) 18” x 27” Windows-White upgraded to 24” x 27”



6’ Diamond Plate Sill: $23.00

12” x 12” End Vents: $98.00

3.5” Miratec Wood Corners-Navajo White $68.00

3.5” Curved Picture Frame Trim-Navajo White $44.00

3.5” Curved Door Trim – Navajo White $55.00

3.5” Miratec Door Around Door $45.00

Price (to include upgrade options): $3337.00


Value Workshop
Value Shed specifications: treated 4 x 4s, floor joists are 16" on center, 1/2 inch plywood on the floor, wall studs and rafters - 16" on center, 3/8" Smart Panel siding (painted), 1/2" OSB on the roof, no windows, 25 year 3-tab shingles (charcoal/black or weatherwood color choices only), [2] metal end vents, 4 ft single door without any trim (Smart Panel door - painted same color as shed), Value Mini Barns do not have a peak overhang.

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