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Wooden & Vinyl Swing Sets Malaga NJ

Fun & Sturdy Swing Sets Malaga New Jersey Kids Love

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There is nothing more fun for kids during the warm months than enjoying a back yard wooden or vinyl swing set. Malaga NJ kids with swingsets in their yards are the envy of the neighborhood.

At Rick's Sheds, our swing sets in Malaga New Jersey are designed to keep your kids safe and provide countless hours of backyard fun at a price that won't bust the family budget.

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Swing Kingdom Playhouse Series Kingdom Lodge Deluxe
Swing Kingdom

Swing Kingdom Playhouse Series Kingdom Lodge Deluxe


Playset Size: 22’ W x 27’ D x 13’ H
Space Needed: 30’ W x 36’ D
Border Needed: 132’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 4 Tons
Tower: 9’ x 9’ Kingdom Lodge w/ Window, (2) Extra Windows
Deck Height: 5’, 7’ Playhouse Landing
Access: 3’ x 5’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, 4’ x 5’ Cargo Net, 12’ Ramp w/ Rope
Slides: (2) 10’ Avalanche, 7’ Turbo Twister
Swing Beam: 3 Position Climber
Swings: Belt Swing, Dual Rider, Web Swing
Fun Items: Binoculars, Steering Wheel, Telescope, 2’ x 6’ Lemonade Stand w/ (2) Stools
Anchors: 2

Swing Kingdom Adventurer Series Buccaneer
Swing Kingdom

Swing Kingdom Adventurer Series Buccaneer


Playset Size: 36’ W x 29’ D x 16’ H
Space Needed: 44’ W x 38’ D
Border Needed: 164’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 6 Tons
Towers: 8’ x 19’ Ark, 5’ x 9’, Transfer Station (Includes 3’ Tower)
Deck Heights: 3’, 5’, 7’
Access: (2) ADA Platform First Step, 3’ x 7’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, 12’ Ramp w/ Railings
Roof: 5’ x 9’ Double Poly
Slides: 3’ Tunnel Express, 7’ Turbo Twister w/ Clear Sections, 7’ Sidewinder w/ Clear Sections
Climber: Monkey Bar 6’
Fun Items: Binoculars, Spotlight, Megaphone, Fire Truck Activity Panel, Ship’s Wheel, 6 Hand Bars
Connector: 6’-6” Bridge w/ Railing
Anchors: 2

Swing Kingdom Basecamp 77 Honeycomb

Vinyl vs. Wood:

Vinyl is more durable. Swing Kingdom's vinyl and decking products are the best and most uniform material available in the industry. Our vinyl is co-extruded under extreme pressure to assure a durable and beautiful finish for years to come.

Vinyl is stronger. Our vinyl has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood.

Vinyl is easier to maintain. You can easily use a garden hose, some glass cleaner and a soft bristled brush to wash away dirt and debris.

Vinyl protects the wood structure. Wooden structural elements of our play sets are covered to preserve them and to reduce maintenance.

Swing Kingdom Basecamp 77 Honeycomb


Playset Size: 23’ W x 23’ D x 13’ H
Space Needed: 32’ W x 32’ D
Border Needed: 128’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 4 Tons
Tower: 7.5’ x 7.5’
Deck Height: 5’ w/ Extra 7’ Landing
Access: 5’ Access Ladder w/ Railing, 5’ x 5’ Vertical Cargo Net,
3’ x 5’ Bear Paw Climber w/ Rope
Roof: Hexagon
Slides: 7’ Turbo Twister, 10’ Avalanche
Swing Beam: 3 Position Single
Swings: Belt Swing, Buoy Ball, Web Swing 
Fun Items: Steering Wheel, Binoculars, 2 Hand Bars
Anchors: 2

Swing Kingdom SWV 3SK23 Kingdom Lodge Custom Display Clearance $8800.00

This is a Discounted Product - Only $8,800.00

Swing Kingdom SWV 3SK23 Kingdom Lodge Custom Display Clearance $8800.00 

New Order Retail $12,715.00


Tower   6' x 9' Tower with 6' x 6' Playhouse, Window with Trim 

Access   5' Access Ladder with Railing

Roof   Kingdom Lodge Roof

Color Shown: Gray & Almond

Deck Height: 5' 

Slide   10' Waterfall Slide 7' Sidewinder with 2 Clear Sections - 90 Degree & Straight

Anchors   2

Delivery is $6.00 a mile from us to you with a limit of 30 miles.

We would need 10' wide truck access to a level site .

Swing Kingdom Adventurer Series Kingdom
Swing Kingdom

Swing Kingdom Adventurer Series Kingdom


Playset Size: 51’ W x 40’ D x 17’ H
Space Needed: 60’ W x 48’ D
Border Needed: 216’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 10 Tons
Towers: 5’ x 5’ MC, Mega 7’ Deck for MC, (2) 5’ x 9’, Jungle Bar
Deck Heights: 5’, 7’, 9’
Access: 5’ MC Ladder w/ MC Handrail, Rock Wall for MC Leg, Cargo Net for MC Leg, 3’ x 7’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, Staircase, 4’ x 5’ Cargo Net, 12’ Ramp w/ Railings
Roofs: (3) 5’ x 5’ Poly, (2) 5’ x 5’ Pergola
Slides: 10’ Avalanche, 14’ Avalanche, 9’ Turbo Twister, 7’ Turbo Twister
Swing Beams: 3 Position Single High, 4 Position Climber
Swings: (2) Belt Swings High Beam, Trapeze w/ Rings High Beam, Belt Swing, Trapeze w/ Rings, Baby Swing, Dual Rider, 3-Rope Tire Swing, Hammock Swing
Fun Items: Spotlight, Ship’s Wheel, Telescope, Binoculars, Bubble Panel, Steering Wheel, 2’ x 5’ Lemonade Stand w/ (2) Stools, 5’ x 5’ Clubhouse Decking, (4) Clubhouse Walls
Connectors: 6’-6” Tower Tunnel, 9’-9” Bridge w/ Railings
Anchors: 4

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